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Interpreter Radio Show — August 19, 2018

18 hours 45 minutes ago
The August 19 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Bruce Webster and Mike Parker. Topics discussed include the Church's re-emphasis on its official name, the history of the Church's name, Old Testament study in Gospel Doctrine class, and wisdom literature in the Old Testament and Book of Mormon.

Missourian Efforts to Extradite Joseph Smith and the Ethics of Governor Thomas Reynolds of Missouri

2 days 16 hours ago
Abstract: This is the second of two articles discussing Missouri’s requisitions to extradite Joseph Smith to face criminal charges and the Prophet’s recourse to English habeas corpus practice to defend himself. In the first article, the author discussed the English nature of pre-Civil War habeas corpus practice in America and the anachronistic modern idea that […]
A. Keith Thompson

Richard Lloyd Anderson (1926-2018)

1 week ago
I received the sad news this morning that Richard Lloyd Anderson, a quiet and modest giant among Latter-day Saint scholars and one of the great defenders of Joseph Smith and the claims of the Restored Gospel in this dispensation, passed away late Sunday night. Richard was well into his nineties, and, even amidst my recent […]
Daniel C. Peterson

Interpreter Radio Show — August 5, 2018

1 week ago
The August 5 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Neal Rappleye, Jasmin Rappleye, Stephen Smoot, and Hales Swift. Topics discussed included the six-year anniversary of the Interpreter Foundation and a recap of presentations made at the 2018 FairMormon Conference.

Interpreter Radio Show — July 29, 2018

1 week 2 days ago
The July 29 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Bruce Webster and Kris Fredericksen. Topics discussed include the upcoming (then) FairMormon Conference, the promises and pitfalls of social media, Old Testament prophets and how we deal with revelation, and taking responsibility for our own education and historical literacy.

Interpreter Radio Show — July 22, 2018

1 week 4 days ago
The July 22 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Martin Tanner, Matthew Bowen, and Craig Foster. Topics discussed include D&C 132, the then-breaking LDS Church shooting in Fallon, Nevada, and the announced updates to the LDS Hymnbook.

KnoWhy OTL28A — Is the Spirit of Elijah a Healing Power in Addition to Being a Sealing Power?

2 weeks ago
Question: Is there more to the "Spirit of Elijah" than the formal work of family history and temple ordinances for sealing? Summary: The keys restored by Elijah were not given simply to enable priesthood ordinances to be performed with authority. In the performance of family history work and sealing ordinances, estranged family members may be brought together through the love and forgiveness that should accompany that service.
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

What’s in a Name? Playing in the Onomastic Sandbox

2 weeks 3 days ago
Abstract: Name as Key-Word brings together a collection of essays, many of them previously published, whose consistent theme is exploring examples of onomastic wordplay or puns in Mormon scripture in general and the Book of Mormon in particular. Without a knowledge of the meaning of these names, the punning in the scriptural accounts would not […]
Kevin L. Barney

Toward a Deeper Understanding: How Onomastic Wordplay Aids Understanding Scripture

2 weeks 3 days ago
Abstract: Matthew L. Bowen’s book compels readers to consider both the Book of Mormon’s construction and the significance of names in the text. Bowen and his coauthors invite readers to contemplate not only scripture but its stages of construction to completion, be they first draft, editing, final abridgement, or translation. Bowen’s work reveals how, in […]
Amanda Colleen Brown
2 hours 22 minutes ago
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