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Sic Et Non

“Karen and Mike Pence’s astonishing moral hypocrisy”

15 hours 19 minutes ago
    This astounding editorial, by one Clay Cane, appeared on the CNN website on Friday:   “Karen and Mike Pence’s astonishing moral hypocrisy”   It seems that the wife of the Vice President of the United States is about to begin teaching art at a Christian school in Virginia, and that some folks in […]
Dan Peterson

In defense of patriarchs

21 hours 39 minutes ago
    Masculinity is under ideologically-motivated attack in some quarters.   You may perhaps have missed these items:   “Grown Men Are the Solution, Not the Problem: With young men in crisis, the American Psychological Association wrongly declares war on ‘traditional masculinity’”   “The APA Can’t Spin Its Way Out of Its Attack on ‘Traditional Masculinity’: Our […]
Dan Peterson

Seeing something, rather than merely learning about it

1 day ago
    One of the classes that I’m teaching this term is Middle East Studies (Arabic) 467R, which is also listed as Philosophy 360R.  The first book that we’re reading for the class is Lenn Evan Goodman, Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy ibn Yaqzan: A Philosophical Tale (Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2009), where we’re […]
Dan Peterson

“Barriers to Belief”

1 day 1 hour ago
    New, in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship:   “Barriers to Belief: Mental Distress and Disaffection from the Church”   Abstract: People leave the Church for a variety of reasons. Of all the reasons why people leave, one that has attracted little or no attention is the influence of mental distress. People who […]
Dan Peterson

“Science is [easier] than theology.”

1 day 15 hours ago
    “Our solar system’s formation was a lot messier than you think”   ***   This is a longish piece, I’m afraid, but it’s really quite interesting:   “How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution: The extravagant splendor of the animal kingdom can’t be explained by natural selection alone — so how did it come […]
Dan Peterson

A world with neither freedom nor morality?

1 day 21 hours ago
    “Humans think they are free, conscious beings, when in truth they are deluded animals. At the same time they never cease trying to escape from what they imagine themselves to be. Their religions are attempts to be rid of a freedom they have never possessed. In the twentieth century, the utopias of Right […]
Dan Peterson

Do Latter-day Saints and Muslims Worship Different Gods? (Take Two)

2 days 15 hours ago
    Over the past few days, two or three very passionate writers have insisted to me that Muslims — and perhaps, it seems, all non-Latter-day Saints — worship false gods.   I strongly disagree.   Do we conceive of God differently than others do?  Yes.  There’s no question about that.  Does that effectively make […]
Dan Peterson

Replying to a Critic of Islam (Part Two)

2 days 18 hours ago
    I continue with my quick response to a reader of my blog who was not at all pleased with my assertion that, although we have different views about him, Muslims and Christians (including Latter-day Saints) — and, for that matter, Jews — worship the same God.   He points to what he sees […]
Dan Peterson

Grant Hardy, Temples, and Arranged Marriages

3 days ago
    New, via the website of the Interpreter Foundation, a fifty-minute audio interview by Stephen Smoot:   “Studying the Book of Mormon with Grant Hardy”   And, of course, Professor Hardy was interviewed during the first hour of the Interpreter Radio Show on 13 January 2019, as well:   ***   Something […]
Dan Peterson

Replying to a Critic of Islam (Part One)

3 days 15 hours ago
    In response to my blog entry of a few days ago on the question “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” one reader responds “Definitely not!”   He elaborates:  “In no way can Allah be equated with Elohim and Jehovah. That dog simply does not hunt.”   Actually, though, it’s a pretty good […]
Dan Peterson

Why I called him “it”

3 days 18 hours ago
    A while ago, in two or three responses to comments on my blog, I referred to my blog’s most prolific atheist respondent in the third . . . um, third “person,” as “it.”  (For the same reason, I’ve once or twice referred to him as a “meat unit” or a “cell colony.”)   […]
Dan Peterson

CNN:  “Move over, Vatican — there’s a new church in town!”

3 days 19 hours ago
    The 13 January 2019 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show featured Martin Tanner, John Gee, Kevin Christensen, and guest Grant Hardy.  The discussion for the first hour centered on Professor Hardy’s new study edition of the Book of Mormon.  The second hour was devoted to a Come Follow Me roundtable on the lesson for […]
Dan Peterson

The Church Established the Bible, Not Vice Versa

4 days 14 hours ago
    I published this article in the Deseret News back on 13 May 2010:   The earliest Christians didn’t believe in the New Testament. They couldn’t. It didn’t exist yet.  When Paul praises young Timothy because “from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation […]
Dan Peterson

Tempio di Roma

4 days 22 hours ago
    New, on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:   “There are Many Witnesses to the Birth of Christ: A Video Supplement for Come, Follow Me Lesson 3: We Have Come to Worship Him“   ***   President Russell M. Nelson continues to astound.  He is, for one thing, 94 years old.  And, just two days before his […]
Dan Peterson

How incomprehensibly old IS the universe?

5 days 3 hours ago
    The January/February 2019 issue of Discover includes a fascinating article by Corey S. Powell entitled “The Constant Fight: Behind the astronomical dispute that’s splitting apart the cosmos.”  I’ll try to summarize it here, briefly — at least, the bottom line.  If you’re interested in understanding the two different approaches to the question, please […]
Dan Peterson

A Tear for Turkey

5 days 5 hours ago
    Jay Nordlinger has an appalling but hugely important piece (for those who care about Turkey, and for those who care about human rights) in National Review:   “Whisked Away: The Turkish government and its program of kidnappings”   Some here may have noticed that I’m not a fan of Mr. Donald J. Trump, though […]
Dan Peterson

C. S. Lewis and J. B. Phillips: An Unexpected Meeting

5 days 19 hours ago
    I have been a fan of J. B. Phillips’s The New Testament in Modern English since I first bought it while in my twenties.  For a glimpse of the reason why I like it, compare Acts 8:18-23 in the King James Version to the Phillips version:   And when Simon saw that through […]
Dan Peterson

Russell’s Teapot, Fine-Tuning, and the Multiverse

5 days 22 hours ago
    Bertrand Russell came up with the analogy of a celestial teapot — now, in his honor, often called “Russell’s teapot” — as a way of disparaging what he regarded as the irrationality of religious belief.   I cite a summary of it from the distinguished British journalist, author, and academic John Cornwell, who directs the […]
Dan Peterson
6 hours 55 minutes ago
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