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Old Testament Support of LDS views, part 5 - The Temple

The Old Testament is replete with references to temples.  I’m not a scholar and certainly don’t pretend to understand everything about ancient temple worship, but being an active temple-attending member of the LDS church, when I study the Old Testament, I notice a great many temple references and similarities between what they practiced anciently and what has been revealed to our modern prophets today. 

t.wheeler July 28, 2012
Old Testament Support of LDS views, part 1 - Plurality of Gods, and Seeing God

This past year as a Seminary teacher I taught the Old Testament.  I thought it might be an interesting and helpful exercise to list and comment on many scriptures from the Old Testament (OT) that reference in some way a latter-day restoration of the gospel, or that seem to support or lend validity to the claims of the Latter-day saints.  Where an understanding of the OT verse may be aided by scriptures from the other LDS standard works I will draw on them as well.

t.wheeler July 15, 2012
Old Testament Support of LDS views, part 2: Enoch and Zion

The history and details of the man Enoch have been all but removed from our bibles, but through the book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price (PGP) we gain a greater understanding of him.  We come to learn that Enoch was a very significant figure in the early history of the world, on the same level with Adam, Noah, and Abraham.  He preached to a wicked people and they repented, he and his people became so righteous that the entire city was eventually were taken up into heaven.

t.wheeler July 15, 2012
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