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Review: Mette Ivie Harrison, “Vampires in the Temple” and “Not of this Fold”

2 weeks 6 days ago
Mette Ivie Harrison. Vampires in the Temple. BCC Press, 2018. Mette Ivie Harrison. Not of This Fold. Soho Crime, 2018. Reviewed by Julie L. Rowse I taught literature for a decade, and it’s sometimes hard for me to read a book and not see symbolism. The different critical approaches to literature are always in the back of my mind—ooh, here’s a feminist thread, ahh, there’s a biographical thread—but the further removed I am from teaching critical analysis of literature, the easier it’s become to just enjoy a story. And that’s what I tried to do as I read Mette Ivie Harrison’s Vampires in the Temple. I’d seen Harrison tweet about the premise, and as a fan of her deliciously transgressive novel Book of Laman (2017), I knew I’d get my hands on Vampires one way or another. Vampires? Mormons? Werewolves? Mormons? How could such a story possibly connect? Rather easily, actually.
Andrew Hall

Dialogue Podcast #42 w/Jana Riess

1 month ago
In this Dialogue podcast Jana Riess discusses "Millennial Mormons: The Rising Generation of Latter-day Saints." From the Miller Eccles website: How do young adult Mormons — the “Millennials” — differ politically from older Mormons, and how do they relate to authority? Research from the Next Mormons Survey (2016) indicates that young Mormons are less likely to vote Republican or adopt conservative positions than older Mormons, but more likely to do so than non-Mormons their own age. They also show a somewhat weakened relationship to institutional authority and obedience than older Mormons, but are more responsive to authority than non-Mormon Millennials.
5 hours 22 minutes ago
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