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Drawing Closer to God

March 09, 2016

Most of us would like to feel closer to our Heavenly Father.  Ask yourself, has it been a long time since I've felt spiritual communication, or spiritual joy? When was the last time you felt his love? Does the Lord desire to speak to us, but we are not able to receive it?  Sometimes we go to church, we sit through meetings, even accept and work in our callings, and still don't feel the spiritual blessings.  Nephi charged his brothers with being "past feeling"...  Does the Lord desire to speak to us, but we are not able to receive it?  Is the problem with God, or with us?

Why I Follow the Prophet

April 03, 2013

I happened to read an article yesterday in the SL Tribune about the history of men wearing & then not wearing beards in the LDS church (of which I am an active member).  Interesting article, but it was actually one of the comments that caught my attention. A woman was responding to a faithful LDS man who had said something to the effect of, "Whatever the prophet tells me to do, that's what I will do."  To this woman that comment was very scary.  She responded by saying "That's insane, I wonder if you realize how dangerous that attitude is".

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