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A Restored Church

December 08, 2011

When the Lord Jesus Christ lived and ministered among the Jews in the Holy Land, he organized a church among them. Many people do not understand this, but it becomes clear as one gains familiarity with the scriptures. He called 12 men to be apostles, other men to be "seventy" (Luke 10:1 & 17), and gave these men his authority - or priesthood. We know that Peter, the chief apostle, led the church in the absence of Jesus and oversaw further organization and development.

Paul says that the Lord

Does the Bible contain all of God's words?

December 08, 2011

Many good Christians that consent to have conversations about the LDS church, express an opinion that goes something like this: "I'll hear what you have to say, but I'm going to test it all by the bible. The bible is the final authority. If it doesn't square with the bible, I won't believe it."

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