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A Motley Vision

Mother’s Milk

1 month 1 week ago
. The first impression Rachel Hunt Steenblik’s Mother’s Milk gave me—and this may sound negative, but, for reasons I’ll explain, it needn’t be interpreted that way—was of a notebook filled with bits and pieces of poetry yet to be written. Many small fragments, repetitions, recursions, moments, ideas, pieces, jots, tittles. It feels like finding a poet’s … Continue reading "Mother’s Milk"
Theric Jepson

Sundry Moldy Solecisms #5 The Drown’ed Book by Mahonri Stewart, (play review)

1 month 2 weeks ago
A few weeks ago our son told us one of his co-workers was performing in Annie at the American Fork amphitheater. The night we went there was some light rain making a beautiful pattern in the spotlights. At the end of the play Annie’s optimism inspires President Roosevelt’s cabinet to come up with ideas that will pull … Continue reading "Sundry Moldy Solecisms #5 The Drown’ed Book by Mahonri Stewart, (play review)"
Harlow Clark
2 hours 36 minutes ago
A Motley Vision
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