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Sic Et Non

Some miscellaneous memories of Joseph Smith

3 months 2 weeks ago
    The quotations below are drawn from Hyrum L. Andrus and Helen Mae Andrus, Personal Glimpses of the Prophet Joseph Smith (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications, 2009):   Jacob Earl knew Joseph Smith both in Missouri and then in Illinois: Naturally, he was of a cheerful disposition, and I remember when I was with […]
Dan Peterson

“What is so good about Nephi’s name?”

3 months 2 weeks ago
    We knocked off yet another of our must-do traditions on Saturday night.  Well, one of mine, anyway.  We took our niece and a friend of hers to Ruby’s Diner, on the Pacific Coast Highway just south of Newport Beach, on the cliff overlooking the sea.  There, sitting on the bench, we enjoyed burgers […]
Dan Peterson
3 hours 58 minutes ago
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