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Isaiah 56, Abraham, and the Temple

3 weeks 3 days ago
Abstract: In the days of the first Israelite temple, only certain individuals were allowed into the temple and sacrificial services; foreigners and eunuchs were excluded. However, in Isaiah 56:1–8, formerly excluded individuals are invited into the presence of God at the temple. This paper will explore how metaphorically connecting Isaiah’s words with Abraham, the eponymous […]
Taylor Halverson

Much More than a Plural Marriage Revelation

1 month ago
Abstract: Textual Studies of the Doctrine and Covenants: The Plural Marriage Revelation is a textual study of Section 132. It offers some interesting information as the author attempts to understand and place within context the revelation, which is, as the heading for this section in the scriptures reads, “relating to the new and everlasting covenant, […]
Craig L. Foster

The Case of the Missing Commentary

1 month ago
Abstract:The first published commentary on Doctrine and Covenants Section 132 is a lengthy volume with much material that deals directly with the revelation as well as extended discussions that go well beyond Joseph Smith’s dictated text. Much of the included material has been previously published, although several new historical items are presented, including a detailed examination […]
Brian C. Hales

Interpreter Radio Show — July 15, 2018

1 month ago
The July 15 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Bruce Webster Kris Frederickson, and Mike Parker. Topics discussed include accounts of the First Vision, the literary feat of creating the Book of Mormon, the place of faith and reason, the criticism of faith, the Church and its relationship with the US Constitution, and religious freedom.

Interpreter Radio Show — July 8, 2018

1 month ago
The July 8 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Allen Wyatt, Martin Tanner, and Kevin Christensen. Topics discussed include Margaret Barker's work, Old Testament studies, and the affinity of her work with Mormon Studies. Other topics include theosis (or deification) and salvation by grace.

Interpreter Radio Show — June 24, 2018

1 month 1 week ago
The June 24 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show was hosted by Steve Densley, Craig Foster, and Matt Bowen. Topics include the passing of John Tvedtnes and Stephen Robinson; new youth interview guidelines; the Joseph Smith Papyri, the Book of Abraham, and the temple endowment; and Jeff Lindsay's Interpreter article about Joseph Smith's cosmology and the cosmology of modern Chinese science fiction.

Race: Always Complicated, Never Simple

1 month 1 week ago
Abstract: The concept that race has evolved rather than remaining static is not well understood, both outside and within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In Religion of a Different Color, W. Paul Reeve shows how the concept of race evolved from painting Mormons as nonwhite in the 19th century to “too white” […]
Tarik D. LaCour

KnoWhy OTL26A — Why Does “Holiness To the Lord” Appear on LDS Temples?

1 month 1 week ago
Question: Why does “Holiness to the Lord” appear on LDS temples? Was the phrase used on buildings anciently? Summary: The Wikipedia article on LDS temples asserts that the phrase “Holiness to the Lord” was inscribed “on the Old Testament Temple of Solomon.” However, so far as we know, the phrase was never used as part of any ancient building. It is unique to modern temples.
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw

What is Mormon Transhumanism? And is it Mormon?

1 month 2 weeks ago
Abstract: Some sources have described Mormonism as the faith most friendly to the intellectual movement known as Transhumanism. This paper reviews an introductory paper by the past President of the Mormon Transhumanist Association. A syllogism that purports to show that Mormonism is compatible with — or even requires — Transhumanism is analyzed. The syllogism’s premises […]
Gregory L. Smith
2 hours 21 minutes ago
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